Plastic Vials With Child Resistant Caps
That Adults Can Remove With One Hand…Even In The Dark

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Manufactures and distributes plastic vials, plastic pill bottles, prescription vials, plastic syrup bottles and other pharmacy supplies. Visit our online pharmacy supply store.

Clarke Container manufactures/distributes multiple different styles of plastic vials and pill bottles. These vials and bottles are made in several different dram sizes. The styles include the premium, SENIOR FRIENDLY patented and renowned “Green Neck” vial, a palm push and turn style of plastic pill bottle, the dual purpose cap reversible vial, HDPE packer bottles, PET packer bottles, and the non child resistant snap cap vial. The vials are manufactured in the industry standard amber, blue, green and opaque colors.

In addition to our pill bottles and vials, the Clarke Container online pharmacy supply store also stocks plastic syrup bottles (ovals), glass and plastic dropper bottles, plastic red tipped Yorker bottles, oral medical dispensers, and plastic ointment jars.