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One Of America’s Oldest Packaging Suppliers
To The Nation’s Pharmacies!

The Clarke Container Company has its’ roots and foundation dating back to the early nineteen hundreds. Mr. James T. Clarke founded the company that bore his name. At that time, The T. James Clarke Box and Label Works was a principal supplier of drug packaging including, small cardboard pill boxes, labels, prescription pads, ointment tubes, glass syrup bottles, glass jars and many other products used for packaging pharmacy products.

Following World War II, the T. James Clarke and Label Works was one of the very first companies to use the “new age” material (plastic) and adapted plastic for use in packaging. The T. James Clarke Box and Label Works developed a unique plastic container for packaging prescription medication and received a patent for its’ renowned “Green Neck” prescription pill vial.

The renowned “Green Neck” prescription pill vial is a unique concept in child resistant packaging in that it has a locking cap that when dialed in can easily be opened with one hand. Senior citizens, even those suffering from maladies such as arthritis, stiff finger joints and other hand/finger problems including carpel tunnel find the “Green Neck” vial extremely user friendly! The CLARKE CONTAINER GREEN NECK VIAL is truly one of the world’s most senior friendly vials manufactured!

Since its’ founding, the T. James Clarke Box and Label Works has had several different owners including a large international conglomerate. Over the years the name has been changed a number of times but as that has happened the founder’s name has always been retained in the title

Today, the T. James Clarke Box and Label Works is located in Erie, Pennsylvania and manufactures three different styles of prescription vials in nine different dram sizes. They include the patented and renowned “Green Neck” vial, a palm push and turn vial and a snap cap vial. All the vials manufactured are made in the United States by our sister company Pinnacle Plastics with USDA approved materials and are made to strict manufacturing quality criteria.

The Clarke Container Company also provides other packaging to the pharmaceutical industry including syrup and liquid bottles, dropper bottles, dispensing devices and other products.

Clarke Container is always on the lookout for new and innovative items that would enhance any veterinary practice. As such, we have added other non-prescription packaging items to our offerings. Please take a moment to view our unique Professional Apparel and our high tech digital instruments!